The Space

Dayspace Studio was founded in 2007. It began as one of Detroit’s many retired machine shops. After extensive renovations, construction was completed and one of Detroit’s few daylight studios was created.  We offer an 1600 square foot full service heated / air-conditioned shooting space, and a 2500 square foot full service heated – air-conditioned shooting space with a full kitchen, along with extensive equipment rentals.

Dayspace Studio is Detroit’s best resource for the professional photographer needing Profoto lighting along with Hasselblad and Canon Digital cameras.  We are determined to provide the photographic community with the highest level of service, products, rental equipment and technical support.

Our Concept

To provide a simple clean affordable daylight studio space for both local and out of state photographers.  A space not to big, but not too small.  With it’s eastern and northern exposure the space provides both direct and indirect natural light.  Of course we can black out the studio if needed.

Privacy is important to us

We respect your need to have the space feel like your own for the time you are with us.  For that reason, we are quietly across the hall for any needs you may have but will never interrupt you.  We are here to help, whether it’s for additional equipment, tech support or photo assistants. If you need great a place to eat, catering referrals or just a simple “ where’s a great place to hang out around here” we can help.

The Equipment

We pride ourselves with an extensive selection of the latest, cleanest, and most reliable photographic gear on the market. Our equipment will be thoroughly tested and calibrated before every job to make sure your shoot is trouble-free.

We carry a full line of Profoto lighting along with Arri, Mole and Dedo continuous lighting.  We have all the grip gear you need along with a large cargo van for transport.

We also have seamless paper on hand along with most of the miscellaneous gaffer expendables.  We offer Hasselblad Digital Cameras and lens, Canon system and Apple computers and monitors.

We offer plenty of free parking, and an enclosed loading area (which many photographers have shot in) We have an outdoor eating area and are located in a safe neighborhood if you need a walk or some fresh air.